Chiari Institute

The Chiari institute is the world's pioneer centre for the administration of treatment to patients ailing from Chiari malformation. This is an exceptional condition and as such, calls for a combination of well-researched and innovative individuals with reputable expertise to manage this condition. The Chiari Institute comprises experienced staff with adequate exposure to cutting-edge technologies in the realm of chiari treatment.

The scope of activity in this institution encompasses treatment and research on Arnold-chiari syndrome, syringomyelia and other related disorders. These are neurological conditions that require accurate diagnosis and specialized treatment techniques owing to their technical nature.

Background information

This facility is located in New York City in the Great Neck place. It was established in 2001 by Dr. Thomas Milhorat to cater for patients with spinal cord and brain deformities. The facility is named after Professor Chiari who first described the spinal cord and brain deformities.

Staff members

The staff members employed in this facility are renowned medical physicians including neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuro-radiologists, cardiologists, pediatrics and other equally-competent support staff members. Some of the famous physicians in the fraternity of this institution include the Director, Harold Recate, Paolo Bolognese Salvatore Insinga, Roger Kula, Karen black and Lisa Leontis. This facility is a trailblazer in treatment of spinal cord and brain related conditions.


The institute offers inpatient and outpatient services worldwide to any patient suffering the disorders falling within the institution's scope of operation. Some of the methods employed to treat patients include colour Doppler ultrasonography to scan brains, MRI, X-rays, CTs, morphometric and surgery. These methods are tailored to suit the specific patient's anatomy and physiology.

The physicians in this facility have also introduced new ways of surgical treatment such as improved ways to open and expand the brain as well as several ultrasound techniques.

Apart from offering treatment to ailing patients, the facility also educates and informs the patients and neuroscience community about neurological disorders. The institution has an online presence where it offers free information on the various aspects of the diseases and disorders they deal in, whether it is in text form or as downloadable videos.

The procedures followed during the treatment of patients are accessible online for the sake of sharing information with other medical practitioners.

The facility provides online services such as booking appointments with doctors and filling of online patient forms by patients. This is important in this digital age in order to offer fast medical services to ailing patients at the click of a button.


The facility has invested a lot of resources towards investigating the causes, treatment and control of the disorders. Their research chiefly focuses on genes that cause spinal cord and brains disorders. Also, the facility has compiled one of the largest and detailed databases on treatment of the spinal cord and brain disorders.

The institute has a modern state-of-the art laboratory, a PET scanner, a robotic system for human genome studies and a clinical research center.

The location of the facility's research center is close to the North-Shore University Hospital; offering medical students in this institution of higher learning an opportunity to gain vital experience as regards disorders researched on within the facility.

The Chiari institute has had an elevating influence in the treatment and research of arnold-chiari syndrome and such-like disorders.